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Student Services - Tech Help

The Hutchinson Center’s Staff is dedicated to making sure you get the most from our facility’s technology.

Online Class Checklist

Are you thinking of taking an online class?

This link is a great resource to help you make the decision if online classes are a good fit for you.

If you are signed up for an UMaine online class, there are several steps you need to make sure complete so that you are ready to go with your class.

Here is the list.

Video Tutorials for FHC Equipment

Here is a list of short video tutorials to help you with your Compressed Video class, or using the interactive Eno board in your classroom.

Video tips

Want a Weather Banner of Belfast?

Ever notice the weather flyer at hotels for the upcoming weeks weather?

You can make the same thing for your business / organization with actual Belfast, ME weather data by using the Weather Underground feed. The Maine made Rainwise weather station which is mounted on top of the Maine Coast Welcome Center is registered with Citizens Weather Observer Program CWOP #DW6257, providing real time weather data for Belfast.

So instead of Rockland or Bangor information, we provide actual Belfast weather.

To make your own flyer for your guests, click this LINK and then click on the “Local Weather” tab, then select “Forecast Flyer”. Fill in search field with “Belfast, ME” and you are on your way!

How do I Connect My PC or Mac to the Podium?

What adapter do I need for my Mac / PC to connect to the Hutchinson Center?

The Hutchinson Center podiums all use VGA connectors.  They are the most universal for PCs and Macs.

If you have a PC:

Use the cable supplied on the podium (either reset in the top left side of the podium, or a cable laying free on the podium) and connect the cable to your PC.   You might have to push the Function key (usually the lower left key on the keyboard) with the number 6, 7, or 8 button.  One of the three numbered buttons will have a little diagram of a computer on top of the key in blue.  That will be the number that you will need to push with the Function key (at the same time).  This will tell the computer to look for the LCD display / projector and sync your screens.

If your laptop screen goes black, but you see your computer on the display screen, push the two buttons again, this should sync the display to both.

If you have a Mac:

Macs use these things called “dongels” (don-gulls) to connect a video source (display or projector) to the Mac.

There are several different types available, as Apple is always changing the design of them.
Below is a list of Mac adapters that you may need for your specific laptop.
We do have a few styles on hand, however, they are first come first served, and must be returned at the end of class.

Since there are so many different adapters, you should provide your own when teaching at the Hutchinson Center. This is the only way you can guarantee that there is an adapter available for your class.

I Have Questions About My ITV Class

The latest FAQ about the ITV classes that the Hutchinson Center broadcasts can be found below.

The sound won't work on the computer, how can I get it to work again?

There are a several ways to turn the volume on a computer up or down.
The first thing you should check is that the volume of the computer itself is on mute or turned all the way down.

This sound icon usually will look like a speaker with sound waves coming out of it.

On a Mac Computer: 
The sound icon is located at the top right of the computer screen.

Click on it to change the volume.

On a PC Computer:
The sound icon is located at the bottom right of the computer screen.

Click on it to change the volume.

If this doesn’t work, there are other possible reasons that the sound may not be working on the computer.  The next thing you should try is the program, which you are trying to get sound from.  Make sure the volume isn’t on mute for the program that you’re using.

If you have headphones connect to the computer that have a volume adjustment on them, make sure to try to adjust them as well.

I am a student here at the Hutch, how do I get on the Internet on my laptop?

I am a student here at the Hutch, how do I get on the Internet on my laptop?

The Hutchinson Center has a wireless Internet.
It is available for student, faculty, or staff use.  In order to connect to the Internet, you should connect to the airport labeled, “tempest.”

Please note: There are several other wireless networks, only Tempest will work for you.

Once you have connected to “tempest” open your web browser and try to go to

If you see it, you are all set!

If you see a UMaine registration screen, asking you for a username and password (your MaineStreet username and password) your computer is not registered.  Enter your Mainestreet information in the fields.

After you enter your information, hit submit.  If you entered your information correctly, the text on the page will change as it will ask you to reboot the machine.
After to restart your computer, you will be connected to the network.

How can I print multiple slides on one piece of paper at a time from the PowerPoint slides that my professor sent me?

On your computer, when in Powerpoint:

First go up to “File” at the top bar, then press “print.”

A print overview will pop up.  In the middle of the page, it will say “page scaling” click on the different option and choose “print multiple pages per sheet.”

You can then choose how many slides you want on each page!

How do I get my video from Blackboard to work on this computer?

Every computer is different.

Whether it is a Mac or PC and it’s not always easy to get the computer to play an assigned video right away.

Here are some options on how to get the video to work:
First check to see it the pop-up blocker is on, if so, turn it off.


On your web browser, at the very top, click on “Tools” then click on “Pop Up Blocker” then choose the option, “turn off Pop Up Blocker.”  It may then ask whether you want to “allow” the video to work?  Click “Allow”.  You should then be able to view your video!

Some files might require you to download the software on your own machine in order to watch the video.

How do I photocopy double sided to save paper?

Place the document in which you wish to make photocopies of face up on top of the photocopier in the Atrium.

On the touch screen below, click on the box to the right that says “Duplex/Combine”


If your document is already two sided, press “2-2 sided”

If your document is one sided, but you want to make it two sided, press “1-2 sided”

You can then press the amount of copies desired, and push the big “start” button underneath the touch screen on the control pad.

Your copies will now be ready to the left!

How do I sign on to MaineStreet/Blackboard?


First go to

In the upper left corner type in your chosen username (ie: firstname.lastname) and password.

This is your MaineStreet account!


First go to

In the middle of that page type in your chosen username (ie: firstname.lastname) and password. (These are the same as your MaineStreet username and password.)

This is your Blackboard account!

I think I have a virus on my computer! Can you help?

As a rule, the IT staff at the Hutchinson Center do not work on student computers.  The way you have your computer setup is very personal, and we do not want to be responsible for any changes that we might make to your system in trying to diagnose or fix the issue.

Imagine if we lost all the work for your next class or project, while working on the machine.

Therefore, we can offer suggestions, however, recommend IT repair (581-2550) on campus (Orono) for repairs to your computers.  Before you take it to them, you will want to have a good backup of all your files.  This will make sure you have all of your work saved.

These links can help you understand what might be happening to your computer.  We recommend that students use these links first to diagnose possible computer issues.


I need general help!

The FHC Help Desk located in the atrium at the Hutchinson Center can take care of all general IT questions to get your started and on your way.  Printing, email, getting into your online class.  They are a one stop shop.  Give them a call:  338-8068.

Technology Resources

Tips and Shortcuts

  • MaineStreet ID number: This is an important number. It’s NOT used to login in to any system. It’s simply an identifier. Keep this handy or memorized as well. Your Social Security Number shouldn’t be used now that you have a MaineStreet ID.
  • Check your MaineStreet account at least once a week!! Has anything changed on your bill? Is your mailing address correct? Why don’t you search for a class your thinking of taking next semester?
  • Check your email at least once a day! You may have a message from the billing office or from Financial aid requesting you to submit information. It’s your responsibility to check your email, receive these messages, and respond accordingly.

Sending Files and Printing

  • Your class will most likely require you to submit assignments electronically. This requires you to be familiar with the way in which your email account allows you to send attachments. If you have a need for help on how to set your account up, please call the IT Help Center: 581-2609. If you need a quick lesson on how to attach a file, the IT Help Desk (338-8068) at the Hutchinson Center will be able to help you.
  • Printing at the Hutchinson Center couldn’t be easier. A multifunction machine in the atrium is a photocopier, scanner, fax, and printer and is available to all students. If you are using a center computer and click print, your file will be printed on this machine (no matter where you are in the building).  If you are using your own personal computer, you will need to email yourself (or use a thumb drive / flash disk) to copy the file to a Hutchinson Center computer.

Using Your Personal Computer

  • You can use a PC or a MAC in the Hutchinson Center if you have a wireless Ethernet card installed
  • You can use a power outlet where available. Ask a staff member for the nearest one.
  • To access the wireless network at the Hutchinson Center for the first time:
    • Start up your computer
    • Open your Web browser (internet explorer, firefox, safari…etc)
    • At the network registration page enter your MaineStreet LoginID and password
    • If the registration doesn’t work, reload the page and type in the loginID and password again. Repeat until you gain access.
    • Go to a common Web site to test your connection. for instance.
    • Once you have access to the internet you are free to use your email accounts, blackboard, and of course MaineStreet. The Hutchinson Center staff ask that you follow our acceptable use policy when using computers at the Hutchinson Center. Thank you.

BlackBoard for UMaine

BlackBoard is an online Academic environment designed to be a “virtual classroom.” Here you can access your course syllabus, enter class discussions, view your homework assignments, take class exams, and view your grades for the course.

Many courses require BlackBoard. It is often time used for online courses and also some ITV and live courses.

Some courses do not require it at all. You should be familiar with BlackBoard even if you think your class doesn’t use it. You may need it in the future. If you have questions about using Blackboard please contact the Hutchinson Center  Help Desk at 338-8068 and we can guide you to anything you may need. You may also call UMA Computing services (1-800-696-4357) or UMaine IT Help line (1-877-947-4357) for help.


E-mail is the University of Maine System’s main mode of communication. It is extremely important that you check your email every day. Financial Aid, Billing, and other academic communications are made via e-mail.

It is vital that you gain access to your new email account as soon as you register for classes and have access to MaineStreet.


If you are taking UMA classes:

  • Activate your MaineStreet Account. To do so, click here:
  • Once you have access to MaineStreet you will automatically be given a University of Maine System Email account. To access your new email account go and click on “login to UMS Webmail.” Enter the same userID and password that you use for MaineStreet to access your email.
  • Your new email address should be . However, if you have a common name there may be a middle initial required.
  • Should you ever need assistance with your E-mail account you can contact UMA Computing services (1-800-696-4357) or the Hutchinson Center Help Desk (338-8068).

If you are taking UMaine (Orono) classes

  • Activate your MaineStreet Account. To do so, see instructions above.
  • UMaine Orono requires their students to use an email program called Firstclass.
  • To Activate your Firstclass E-mail go to:
  • Enter your UserID and Password that you use for MaineStreet.
  • This activates your Firstclass email account and assigns an email address to you (
  • You can then download the software to your personal computer by clicking on “download Firstclass client.” Or you can access your Firstclass account by clicking on the icon on the computers in the Hutchinson Center’s computer labs.
  • Also, once you have activated your MaineStreet account you will automatically be given a University of Maine System Email account.
  • UMaine suggests you forward your University of Maine System Email account to your Firstclass account. This is done so that you don’t have to check two accounts. To do this go to: and click on the “Change the destination of email sent to your address” link. Login using your MaineStreet UserID and Password. Then check off “Forward to the following address(es):” and type in your Firstclass email address (usually )

If you are taking BOTH UMA & UMaine (Orono) classes

  • You can choose to use either the University of Maine System Email account (see UMA email instructions above) or FirstClass (see UMaine Orono email instructions above).
  • When you choose which one you prefer to use you should forward one email account to the other to avoid having to check two accounts.

To forward your UM system email to your Firstclass email:

Go to: and click on the “Change the destination of email sent to your address” link. Login using your MaineStreet UserID and Password. Then check off “Forward to the following address(es):” and type in your Firstclass email address (usually )

You now only need to check your Firstclass email.


MaineStreet is the most important electronic system you’ll ever use here at the Hutchinson Center and throughout the University of Maine System.

In MaineStreet you can access your grades, transcripts, financial aid, billing, and demographic information. All classes and class schedules can be found here too!

It’s full of very useful information and becoming familiar with this program will make your experience at the Hutchinson Center much more rewarding. Not to mention many processes throughout your education are required to be done through MaineStreet. When you register for your first college course the very next step is for you to access your MaineStreet account. Here is how you do it. And don’t forget, you can always call The Hutchinson Center Help Desk (338-8068) or UMA Computing services (1-800-696-4357) or UMaine IT Help line (1-877-947-4357). We’re here to help you at any step of the process.

  • If you have been accepted to UMaine or UMA you will receive an admissions letter congratulating you on your acceptance. In this letter is your Activation Key andMaineStreet ID. The activation key is a series of letters and numbers (example: et6id902e). Your MaineStreet ID is a seven-digit number (example: 5780833) assigned to you that helps everyone identify you within the University of Maine System. In the past we have used your Social Security Number to identify you. Now, the MaineStreet ID is used and is a safe and secure way to help the University of Maine System serve you best without compromising sensitive information.
  • If you don’t have an admissions letter and are taking courses as a non-degree student you can call UMA Computing services (1-800-696-4357) or UMaine IT Help line (1-877-947-4357). They can give you your activation key and your MaineStreet ID. This works also if you have lost your activation key or ID number.
  • Go to: and click on the Account Activation link. Follow the prompts and questions to activate your account. Once these steps are completed give the system a good couple hours to process before logging in. Write down your username and password and keep it handy. You’ll use it everyday at the Hutchinson Center!
  • You will also be given a email address. It usually is your . Print this page and keep it for your records.
  • To access MaineStreet go to: and click on the MaineStreet link on the top menu. Use your login ID and password you have just created to gain access.
  • If you have questions about using MaineStreet please contact the Hutchinson Center at 338-8068 and we can guide you to anything you may need. You may also call UMA Computing services (1-800-696-4357) or UMaine IT Help line (1-877-947-4357) for help using MaineStreet.
  • For more help go to:

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